Friday, September 19, 2014

Mini Lemonade Bar

Reed and I recently had my parents over to celebrate their birthdays (my dad, mom, brother AND myself ALL have birthdays in September - it's a crazy month!) and at the last minute, I threw together this "mini lemonade bar" (I had remembered seeing this one on the Pink Peonies blog earlier this summer which gave me some inspiration!) to add some festive fun to our drinks for the night! Fortunately, I had everything I needed for this setup except the fruit, lemonade and sweet tea. Thirty minutes later after a quick trip to the store, preparing the fruit, filling up the glass bottles and arranging all the details, our mini lemonade bar was open for business!  

I love adding fruit to water, lemonade, tea, etc.! There are so many options you can go with when choosing "toppings" for your drinks, but blueberries, strawberries, lemons and limes always seem to be favorites for most people! 

Confession: those lemons in the jar are fake! I actually use that piece as a decoration in a different part of my kitchen but knew they'd make a cute accent piece for this setup! 

This chalkboard always comes in handy whether I need it for a photo booth prop or for making a quick sign as seen here! 

I found these glass bottles recently at TJ Maxx for like $4 each! I knew they'd eventually come in handy for something like this. Also, I'm a sucker for cute straws and will use them any chance I can (those are from Target)! 

You guys remember the adorable "Oh Joy" line for Target over the summer? Snagged this pitcher from that line for $5 on clearance! It's such a great festive piece for entertaining guests! 

I originally set up our lemonade bar on our kitchen countertop for easy access, but because I utilized a serving tray, the whole setup was easy to transport to our back patio, which is where we ended up spending the majority of our evening.

How cute is that apron?! One of my favorite wedding shower gifts from my bestie! 

Our mini lemonade bar really was so simple to put together and provided an extra added element of fun and thoughtfulness to the evening! I encourage you to come up with your own spin on a lemonade bar at your next family/friends gathering - your guests will love it! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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