Thursday, September 26, 2013

Studded Ankle Boots

- outfit details -
top || H&M
jeans || Target (old)
ankle boots || Target (recent)
messenger clutch || Francesca's Collections (old)
statement ring || Forever 21
cuff || Target 
nails || Revlon ColorStay

With the exception of some brown lace-up combat-style boots, the boots pictured above are the only other "flat" ankle boots that I own. I used to shy away from ankle boots completely because I didn't think they were flattering on the shorter legs that come with my 5' 3" frame. While I've gotten more comfortable with high-heeled ankle boots, I still find myself having reservations with the flat versions (and yes, I realize the boots pictured above have like a one-inch heel, but in my world that may as well be considered a flat ;) ).

One key I've found to make flat ankle boots work - or at least make me more comfortable in them - is to wear the same color of pants/jeans as the color of the ankle boots. This creates an "illusion" of a longer leg. Another key is being mindful of proportions. For example, in retrospect, I should have worn a shorter top that hit closer to my waist than the middle of my thighs - this would have also contributed to the illusion of a longer leg.

Any other shorter girls out there have tricks to making flats and ankle-boots work well on our frames? I'd love to hear your tips!

And just to clarify... I'm perfectly content with the 5' 3" frame the Lord gave me :) - for me personally, the whole point of creating a "flattering" look is to avoid the opposite - a distracting one!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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