Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sleek Chic

- outfit details - 
blazer || Target
top || H&M
jeans || Target (old)
heels || Charlotte Russe

 || Target
|| Target
bag || Phillip Lim for Target
sunglasses || Target

This outfit is one of my favorites from recent posts. There's honestly nothing too exciting about each piece individually, but pulled together with a sleek ponytail, coordinating lip/nail/shoe color, plus a few key accessories, and the overall look comes off polished, sleek and chic. 

Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and I'm still overwhelmed by all of the love from my husband, family and friends! Every birthday feels like the birth of a new season, but this particular birthday has brought that feeling stronger than ever. I'm still processing all of the goals and dreams God is stirring in my heart for this year but hopefully I'll be able to share more in the coming weeks! 

As always, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Monday! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Business Casual {fall edition}

- outfit details -

blazer || Target
tee || H&M
jeans || Old Navy
ankle boots || Target
bag || Phillip Lim for Target
necklace & rings || Forever 21

watch || Michael Kors

"Business Casual" is timeless. Tailored, classic pieces are universally flattering, and personal style can still be incorporated through color, prints/patterns, accessories, hair/make-up, etc. Even though my occupation doesn't require the "business casual" look for the office, I still enjoy creating outfits in this vein. I've noticed that I legitimately feel more focused and alert when I dress up vs. dress down for the office. A black blazer, bootcut jeans, neutral bag, and some neutral or printed ankle boots are some great starters pieces for a business casual wardrobe. 

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a blessed weekend! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Studded Ankle Boots

- outfit details -
top || H&M
jeans || Target (old)
ankle boots || Target (recent)
messenger clutch || Francesca's Collections (old)
statement ring || Forever 21
cuff || Target 
nails || Revlon ColorStay

With the exception of some brown lace-up combat-style boots, the boots pictured above are the only other "flat" ankle boots that I own. I used to shy away from ankle boots completely because I didn't think they were flattering on the shorter legs that come with my 5' 3" frame. While I've gotten more comfortable with high-heeled ankle boots, I still find myself having reservations with the flat versions (and yes, I realize the boots pictured above have like a one-inch heel, but in my world that may as well be considered a flat ;) ).

One key I've found to make flat ankle boots work - or at least make me more comfortable in them - is to wear the same color of pants/jeans as the color of the ankle boots. This creates an "illusion" of a longer leg. Another key is being mindful of proportions. For example, in retrospect, I should have worn a shorter top that hit closer to my waist than the middle of my thighs - this would have also contributed to the illusion of a longer leg.

Any other shorter girls out there have tricks to making flats and ankle-boots work well on our frames? I'd love to hear your tips!

And just to clarify... I'm perfectly content with the 5' 3" frame the Lord gave me :) - for me personally, the whole point of creating a "flattering" look is to avoid the opposite - a distracting one!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Andrea Howard Cakes {Wedding Wednesday #2}

For this week's "Wedding Wednesday" post, I'm joyfully praising Andrea Howard Cakes! Last weekend I had the sweet honor of posing for some fun photos for her website, blog, and other advertising needs. You can check out her recent blogpost to see a preview of some of the photos! 

photo credit || Andrea Howard Photography

Every time I see one of Andrea's cakes, my eyes grow wide with excitement, and my jaw drops to the floor - they're seriously on another level! Her unique creativity, attention to the most darling details, and incredibly skilled execution make her an ELITE cake designer. Andrea and her family recently moved to Edmond, OK, where she has been working on getting her new cake studio up and running. We shot the photos at her studio, and I was instantly mesmerized by the adorable decor and details I noticed throughout the renovated space. I'm beyond excited for her and all of the awesome opportunities coming her way that she more than deserves!

photo credit || Andrea Howard Photography

Not only have I had the honor of being photographed with Andrea's cakes, but I've also had the honor of having her making my DREAM wedding cake! Reed and I were utterly stunned by the beautiful masterpiece she created for us. Oh, and another fun fact? Andrea is my second cousin by marriage! The fact that she watched me grow up to then one day make my wedding cake is just beyond special! (For more info on this tidbit of history, you can check out her "Time Flies..." blogpost.) 

For more information on Andrea's cakes, check out her website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram

Thanks for stopping by for today's "Wedding Wednesday" post! :) 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brides of Oklahoma {Wedding Wednesday #1}

I've decided to start a new segment on the blog called "Wedding Wednesday" where rather than doing one giant post or a 3-part post about my wedding, I'll be breaking it down in smaller segments every Wednesday. Even when I run out of material from my own wedding, I'm the maid of honor in one of my best friends' weddings later this year, so hopefully I will have plenty of material for a while.

It's hard to believe that Reed and I got married almost 5 months ago! I can't help but smile every time I look at our wedding photos because the overwhelming joy felt on that day comes rushing back! Photography was pretty much at the top of my "wedding priority list" because, let's face it, the photos are the only aspect of weddings that live on when it's all over...well, besides the marriage of course! :)

I was super thankful we snagged our favorite photographer, Derek Green, for the wedding! Derek is incredibly talented, down to earth, and has the cutest family! You can check out his blog here. I was also super thankful that we had the opportunity to take many of our photos outside, even though our ceremony and reception were indoors (I'll expound more about this in later posts).

Today's post is focused on the special feature we were blessed with in the July 2013 issue of the Brides of Oklahoma magazine. One of our friends who works for the magazine was so kind to make this happen for us - it's such a special keepsake! This magazine is truly a stunning work of art in the bridal industry. Many of us Oklahoma girls anticipate its release twice a year. In this post I've included the photos we submitted for our feature. Choosing six photos was nearly impossible because we loved all of them so much!

I look forward to sharing more details of our wedding in future "Wedding Wednesday" posts! Thanks for reading and giving your feedback!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

50th Birthday Party

Both of my parents turned "50" this month - for my mom, it's TODAY! :) In honor of this milestone in their lives, I wanted to throw them a joint celebration with all of our family. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for ideas...

One of my favorite ideas was creating a poster commemorating the year they were born, which in their case was 1963. The poster was more than a decoration though - it proved useful for a game we played later in the evening that involved trivia about the year 1963. Those that paid attention to the poster definitely had an advantage! 

Another Pinterest idea I had fun executing was the floral "50" inspired by this pin. I photographed my own execution of this project and plan to blog about it soon! What I loved about this craft is that it not only anchored the theme of the decor, but it was also a souvenir that my parents got to take home after the party! 

The party favors ("the 50s are HOT!") were another Pinterest-inspired idea - Hot Tamales! :)

One idea that I came up with last minute was to have all the guests write down "advice for turning 50" or a short message to my parents. We photographed each person &/or couple holding up their sign so I can compile them to give to my parents later on. Here are a few of my favorites...

Happy birthday, Mom & Dad! I'm incredibly blessed to have you as my parents! I love you! :)

Thanks for reading! If you ever have a 50th birthday party to plan or know someone else who will, I hope this post will provide some inspiration!