Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hat + Scarf {winter accessories}

- outfit details - 
sweater || H&M
jeans || Forever 21(old, also styled here)
coat || Macy's (old)
booties || Target
bag || Phillip Lim for Target
scarf || H&M
hat || Target (also styled here)
rings || Forever 21

We've had the strangest weather in January! For Oklahoma though, it really can't be considered that strange. During the week we'll have temps in the low 30s and then the weekends will spike up to the low 60s! (We woke up to snow the other day, though these particular photos were taken from a snow day back in December.) The best way I know how to keep up with the constant fluctuating Oklahoma temperatures is to dress in layers and add on accessories. When I intentionally want to add warmth to an outfit, I always go for a hat and scarf. I'm still loving this floppy hat that I first tried out earlier in the fall. I plan to transition it into spring as well! This scarf has also been a go-to for me lately. I can wear it with pretty much any color, though I particular love the way it compliments* the mustard sweater in this outfit.

*style tip || Pair a solid color sweater/top with a printed scarf that incorporates the same color to create a polished, pulled together look.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and hope these outfits continue to provide you with some inspiration in creating your own!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monochromatic {Gray Edition}

- outfit details -
jacket || H&M (last year)
tee || Target
jeans || Old Navy
boots || Forever 21 (last fall)
clutch || J.Crew (old)
necklace || Forever 21
rings || Forever 21
nail color || Revlon "Fearless"
lip color || MAC "Shanghai Spice"

One of my go-to style tricks for creating an effortless, clean look is to wear the same color on top and bottom (the monochromatic trend - also seen here) and bring in one or two other colors through a jacket, shoes, accessories, etc. If you're trying the monochromatic trend for the first time, grays and other neutral colors are a good place to start!

Thanks for stopping by! Not sure if I'll get another post up this week or not because it's my husband's birthday week! :) I should have some posts ready for next week though!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Classic With A Twist

- outfit details - 
top || Target
skinnies || Target (old)
booties || Target (no longer online)
bag || Phillip Lim for Target (no longer online)

A quick post for Friday! I love a great button-down shirt - it's a classic that never goes out of style. This particular button-down shirt immediately caught my eye at Target a few months ago because it combined several of my current favorites - sequins, plaid/gingham, and the color red. It's always fun to find a classic with a twist! Target lists this shirt as "Merona Women's Favorite Shirt" on their website, and I tend to agree. There's a lot of versatility with this shirt, but my favorite way to style it is with a simple pair of black skinnies and some fun leopard booties - it's a great balance of mixing prints and adding a touch of femininity and glam. Also, I like this shirt a lot more when I button the top button - because of the sequin collar, it just adds another element of chicness to the overall look. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hot Cocoa Bar

Last month I had the extreme honor of hosting a personal shower for one of my dearest friends, Lindsay! Around the time I was starting to plan the shower, I noticed different hot cocoa bars circulating on Pinterest and thought that would be such a fun setup since the shower would be in December. For the spread, I offered a couple different flavors of hot cocoa, a variety of toppings, and a mix of cookies and cupcakes. My Keurig was setup near the table so the guests had quick access to hot water. They aren't pictured below, but I used craft twine to attach tags with each guest's name on each mug so they wouldn't get mixed up throughout the night. Overall, it was a hit! If you're ever planning a party/shower/event during the winter months, I highly suggest having a hot cocoa bar! It's an easy, affordable, fun treat for your guests and there are so many creative ways you can set one up (just search hot cocoa bar on Pinterest). Enjoy the pics!

You still have January and February of this year to try out your own hot cocoa bar! I'd love to hear/see your ideas! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Wonderland

- outfit details - 
sweater || Target (no longer online)
vest || Forever 21 (bought last year | last seen here)
leggings || Chinese Laundry (fleece-lined! last seen here)
boot socks || H&M (bought last year | last seen here)
boots || Old Navy (bought last year)
scarf || H&M (actually a men's scarf - borrowed from my husband!)
bag || Phillip Lim for Target (no longer available)
lip color || Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter "Sugar Plum"

When we had snow here in Oklahoma a few weeks back, I definitely kept reaching for the one faux fur item of clothing I own - just seemed appropriate! On this particular day I borrowed one of my husband's scarves - just another way to be resourceful ;). The burgundy color in the scarf inspired me to  choose a similar lip color, which definitely pulled this overall look together. Black, suede/tan, gray, and any burgundy variation are a great color scheme to experiment with during the winter months!

The snow was nice while it lasted, but I'm already dreaming of warmer temperatures. Fortunately that's bound to happen sooner or later living in the ever fluctuating temperatures of Oklahoma!

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and I love the photos my husband captured below - it was fun shooting with snow actually falling!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Boho Chic

- outfit details* - 
sweater || Target
tee || Target
jeans || Forever 21
booties || Target
belt || Forever 21
bag || Steve Madden (via Ross)
necklace || Forever 21
(*most of these items were purchased more than a few months ago & no longer available online)

This is my take on "boho chic" or "hippie" or whatever you want to call this style. I normally pair longer, open sweaters with leggings or skinnies, but pairing this particular sweater with flared jeans gave this look a totally different vibe - carefree, free-flowing, etc. I remember wearing this outfit to run errands and feeling super comfortable in it, yet I still felt like the overall look had a sense of chic-ness to it. So the next time you're wearing an open sweater and start to reach for your leggings or skinny jeans, consider reaching for your flared denim instead and mix things up with some "70s chic!"

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!