Friday, January 3, 2014

Boho Chic

- outfit details* - 
sweater || Target
tee || Target
jeans || Forever 21
booties || Target
belt || Forever 21
bag || Steve Madden (via Ross)
necklace || Forever 21
(*most of these items were purchased more than a few months ago & no longer available online)

This is my take on "boho chic" or "hippie" or whatever you want to call this style. I normally pair longer, open sweaters with leggings or skinnies, but pairing this particular sweater with flared jeans gave this look a totally different vibe - carefree, free-flowing, etc. I remember wearing this outfit to run errands and feeling super comfortable in it, yet I still felt like the overall look had a sense of chic-ness to it. So the next time you're wearing an open sweater and start to reach for your leggings or skinny jeans, consider reaching for your flared denim instead and mix things up with some "70s chic!"

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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