Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Andrea Howard Cakes {Wedding Wednesday #2}

For this week's "Wedding Wednesday" post, I'm joyfully praising Andrea Howard Cakes! Last weekend I had the sweet honor of posing for some fun photos for her website, blog, and other advertising needs. You can check out her recent blogpost to see a preview of some of the photos! 

photo credit || Andrea Howard Photography

Every time I see one of Andrea's cakes, my eyes grow wide with excitement, and my jaw drops to the floor - they're seriously on another level! Her unique creativity, attention to the most darling details, and incredibly skilled execution make her an ELITE cake designer. Andrea and her family recently moved to Edmond, OK, where she has been working on getting her new cake studio up and running. We shot the photos at her studio, and I was instantly mesmerized by the adorable decor and details I noticed throughout the renovated space. I'm beyond excited for her and all of the awesome opportunities coming her way that she more than deserves!

photo credit || Andrea Howard Photography

Not only have I had the honor of being photographed with Andrea's cakes, but I've also had the honor of having her making my DREAM wedding cake! Reed and I were utterly stunned by the beautiful masterpiece she created for us. Oh, and another fun fact? Andrea is my second cousin by marriage! The fact that she watched me grow up to then one day make my wedding cake is just beyond special! (For more info on this tidbit of history, you can check out her "Time Flies..." blogpost.) 

For more information on Andrea's cakes, check out her website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram

Thanks for stopping by for today's "Wedding Wednesday" post! :) 

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