Tuesday, September 17, 2013

50th Birthday Party

Both of my parents turned "50" this month - for my mom, it's TODAY! :) In honor of this milestone in their lives, I wanted to throw them a joint celebration with all of our family. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for ideas...

One of my favorite ideas was creating a poster commemorating the year they were born, which in their case was 1963. The poster was more than a decoration though - it proved useful for a game we played later in the evening that involved trivia about the year 1963. Those that paid attention to the poster definitely had an advantage! 

Another Pinterest idea I had fun executing was the floral "50" inspired by this pin. I photographed my own execution of this project and plan to blog about it soon! What I loved about this craft is that it not only anchored the theme of the decor, but it was also a souvenir that my parents got to take home after the party! 

The party favors ("the 50s are HOT!") were another Pinterest-inspired idea - Hot Tamales! :)

One idea that I came up with last minute was to have all the guests write down "advice for turning 50" or a short message to my parents. We photographed each person &/or couple holding up their sign so I can compile them to give to my parents later on. Here are a few of my favorites...

Happy birthday, Mom & Dad! I'm incredibly blessed to have you as my parents! I love you! :)

Thanks for reading! If you ever have a 50th birthday party to plan or know someone else who will, I hope this post will provide some inspiration! 


  1. I really like that picture of you & Reed! ;);)

  2. I seriously can't get over what a GREAT idea this is. :) You are one crafty lady! I really want to try to incorporate the chalkboard/advice photo idea into my next party...

    Anyway just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Most Versatile Blogger Award. :) Congrats! Why? Because we've been following each other on Instagram for awhile and there you always inspired me with such stylish clothing and even more inspirational words, and I love that you carried that over to your blog. Your blog name definitely represents everything that is you! Your blog is so unique to you and your life story and I think more people should read it. (:

    Check out the award here: http://coffeeandhoneycomb.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-versatile-blogger-award.html


  3. What did you use to create your poster ? Is it a real chalkboard ? Have you made it yourself ?
    Thanks a lot for your ideas :)