Monday, August 19, 2013

"Own You're Beautiful"

This past weekend my band, Warr Acres, led worship for our home church's (Victory Church) women's conference, the Beautiful Conference. I look forward to this conference every year and am continually amazed by the way each conference surpasses the one before! The theme of this year's conference was "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful". I was aware of the theme a few months prior and was inspired to write a song that encompassed the message behind it. I eventually shared it with the conference leaders and they graciously encouraged me to sing the song at the conference. I was humbled by the response I received and regret not having an official recording to share, but the least I can do is post the lyrics! I will be the first to admit that I struggle with comparison and insecurities. Even though I wrote this song with a women's conference in mind, it's a personal reminder for me personally to embrace and love the person that God has created me to be! I hope it will do the same for you! 

"Own You're Beautiful"
- by Lael (© 2013)

[verse 1]
All the flaws we find
Beauty in disguise
How our eyes deceive
Hindered by the way
We compare our place
Longing to be free

Every heart is a miracle
Be your own kind of beautiful
Every risk you take is more than worth it
Live your dreams and know your purpose calls for original
So embrace the unusual
Every difference holds a greater fortune
Know your worth and own you're beautiful
You're beautiful

[verse 2]
See that girl in need
Pull her to her feet
Lift her head and say
"You were made for more
I've been here before
Here's the One who saves"

Don't be found in the crowd on the sidelines
Don't be swayed and afraid of the spotlight
Don't pretend to fit in when you're made to shine

I can't believe I get to make music and lead worship with this amazing group!
I love my Warr Acres family!
My pastor and hero, Jennifer Crow, was one of the featured speakers
at the conference. She continually inspires me!
This gorgeous gal, Kristy Starling, has the biggest voice and an even bigger heart!
She's taught me so much about singing & worship leading.  
The conference ended with a powerful moment that can be summarized
by remembering that amidst the chaos and confusion of this world, hope will rise.
This is also the title of my band's upcoming album and one of our songs.
The album will be releasing on October 29th. 

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  1. Your song is beautiful! Glad you had a good time and both of you in yellow look So good!