Friday, September 28, 2012

high note: "Happy Work Anniversary!"

Does anyone get excited about their work anniversary like I do? Today marks three years of working on staff at Victory Church. Three years! I'm still taken aback every time I say it. All I know is I couldn't imagine working anywhere else (I always joke that I'd have to hear an audible voice from God to ever leave). I'm surrounded by incredible people who simply love God and love people. If this was the job I had for the rest of my life, I couldn't complain. There's nothing like writing a song for the Church to sing, then leading them in singing it. When I started writing songs at 13, I had no idea how God was going to use them or this gift for songwriting that came out of nowhere. Seven years later it all became clear though when my pastor's wife, Jennifer Crow, invited me to check out Victory Church in March of 2009. She encouraged me to visit the church and volunteer with the youth worship team, and I instantly fell in love. I dove in head first, singing and playing piano whenever and wherever I was needed. This church cared about people and accepted everyone in a way I hadn't seen before. A way that was truly Jesus-like. And the music...the music blew me away. One day after church in the summer of 2009, I remember commenting to my mom that it would be so awesome to work at a church like Victory someday. That fall, Jennifer called and offered me a job. 

Since then, I've helped write and perform several songs for this album...

...and enjoyed every minute of working with these amazing people...

Kristy Starling, Chris Crow, Lael Louthan | Beautiful Conference, August 2012
Chris Crow, Kristy Starling, Josh Belcher, Lael Louthan | Live recording, March 2012 | photo by Derek Green Photography
Lael Louthan, Kristy Starling, Oscar Ortiz, Chris Crow | Recording cover of "Titanium", Spring 2012 | photo by Jaron Nix
Lael Louthan | "Heaven Bound" music video shoot, April 2011
Do you celebrate YOUR work anniversary? I'd love to hear what you do and how long you've been doing it! Leave a comment below! Happy Friday! :)

- Lael

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