Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tea Time Bridal Shower {pt. 3 | the itinerary}

In this post I'll walk you through a brief overview of the itinerary of my "tea time" bridal shower! From start to finish, it was so memorable and fun! 

The invitations suggested that guests dress for a tea party - hats & fascinators were encouraged! 

Various tables were set up throughout the house with beautiful displays of delectable treats to accompany the tea. My grandmother and great aunt were gracious to loan their amazing collections of teacups and saucers for the tea party! 

Guests picked up their pre-made name tags (made of doilies - how cute!) upon their arrival. 

Teacup place cards notified guests where to sit. 

My sweet cousin Tucker (pictured below) and his older brother Paxton were "servers" during the tea party. They were such gentlemen and did an amazing job making sure the guests had plenty of tea and refreshments! 

Prior to the shower, my aunt asked Reed and me to fill out a questionnaire - favorite color, TV show, least favorite chore, etc. At the shower, she would read the questions with one of our answers. If the guests thought she read Reed's answer, they would hold up the mustache prop. If they thought it was my answer, they would hold up the lips prop. If they thought we had the same answer they could hold up both. It was quite entertaining to watch everyone's responses! 

I'm still in awe of all of the details and how everything tied in together! I loved this bunting made of doilies! 

My "seat of honor" was so beautiful that I almost didn't want to sit down! 

Opening gifts was so much fun! Reed and I were blessed above and beyond what we could have imagined! I was grateful to have my MOH Katie by my side to help keep track of everything!  

If you ever have the opportunity to throw a bridal shower, birthday party or just a fun get-together, I highly suggest having a tea party theme! I hope to host one of my own someday! 

- Lael


  1. What a sweet theme! I love how it's so you too! The details they put into your party is too amazing!

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